I didn’t know him. I didn’t know him at all, but he happened to be such a prominent part of almost everyone’s lives and I always wondered how. The answer was simple. He was a good man and you have no idea how hard it is to actually find good people in this dark world where women are objects and men are stereotyped and where people take life for granted and where death…? Death is uncertain and it overshadows your whole life. 

I didn’t know her. I didn’t know her at all, but she happened to be such a beautiful soul. I didn’t know what she was going through. I didn’t know she had reached her limits and I didn’t know what was going on in her head at any point of time. I didn’t know that she felt like she had no one and actually felt the need to plan out how to kill herself. You see, suicide isn’t just something that pops up in your mind. And that’s the worst thing about it. The person you thought was okay went home and thought of ways to die. And my regrets? I didn’t know her and I couldn’t help.

Life is unpredictable. You never actually know what’s going to hit you or when, for that matter. You take life for granted. You put your whole future, your whole family, your everything at stake and for what? For five seconds of adrenaline? One minute you’re sitting and laughing and the next minute you could get a phone call that could absolutely shatter your whole life, your smile and your happiness. One day you could meet someone and the next they could be gone; disappeared into thin air and people say they’re in a better place and people say you have to be strong and people say they would want to see you happy, but how? HOW? Answer me. 

The truth of the matter is that death will never pain you. Ever. Death will pain those around you. Always. So why would you want it? Why would you want to put yourself in a situation like that? Your life is in your hands. The steering wheel is in your hands. The knife is in your hands. The gun is in your hands. The rope is in your hands. And death? Your death is in your hands. 

Help people. Not just this year but for every day of your entire life. Be good. Value every second of your life and every second of another person’s company because everything is so uncertain. You can never say never.  

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